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Patricia Adams has been a Nurse Practitioner since 1993.  She worked at Mount Vernon Primary Care and managed the  practice at Woodbine Rehab and Healthcare Center under the leadership of the Medical Director, Michael Lieberman.  She began to see that many of her patients who had grown older had great difficulty getting in to see her--- family members had to take off work, some even paid large amounts of money for transportation to the office.  In 2011, she began seeing patients in their homes.  In 2013, the Woodbine practice expanded to include a House Call practice.  Since 2016, she has had a solo practice in the communities of Alexandria, Arlington County, Springfield, Lorton and Mount Vernon.  Since August 2019, she has had an Autonomous Practice License, which means by her extensive experience, the Commonwealth of Virginia recognizes that she qualifies to practice without the requirement to have an official collaborative practice relationship with a Physician. She enjoys collaborating with home health agencies, hospices and community Social Workers and Care Managers.   She is committed to keeping people at home with their family if that's their goal, and makes referrals to palliative services and to hospice care if needed.  

Patty graduated from University of Pittsburgh School of Nursing with her Bachelor's degree in 1983 and worked for 10 years in a hospital setting.  During those years, she learned a great deal about chronic illness and became committed to the prevention of disease and its complications, as well as the importance of quality of life. 

She attended the collaborative program between George Mason University and George Washington University and obtained her Master's Degree in Nursing at George Mason University in 1993.    

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