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Patricia Porter Adams, ANP, LLC

Providing House Calls in the Alexandria area.


House Calls:

Quality Medical Care in Your Home

Health Care is changing.  As many people get older, it gets harder and harder for them to get out of the house without engaging the services of a family member or caregiver.  People want to stay home rather than move into an assisted living facility.  Home based Primary Care can allow more freedom to stay in the home and get Medical needs met without traveling to a clinic or office setting, or to an Emergency room.  It can ease people's minds to know that their their family member's medical conditions are being addressed in a timely, appropriate manner. 


Primary Care and Management of Chronic Conditions

Whether you have an acute condition you'd like to have evaluated, or are just returning from a hospital stay, you can be seen in the privacy of your own home.  Anyone who has difficulty walking is eligible for this services under Medicare coverage.  


Referrals to Specialists

If you need to be seen by a specialist of any kind, we can facilitate this for you.  

Palliative Care

Palliative care is care that optimizes your current treatment with the goal of alleviating side effects of treatment, thereby maximizing your quality of life.  

Capacity Evaluations

Includes capacity evaluations and reports, evaluation of substitute decision maker, report to attorneys, and testimony in court if necessary.  

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